Assurance from Jie Fen

You Are What You Use

Natural & Organic are at the core of who we are. At Jie Fen, we believe in “You Are What You Use” and no one should have to choose between health and beauty.

To honor our body and the world we live in, we’ve created an extraordinary range of truly effective personal care products that are inherently safe, and certified to the SGS Standard, and Halal certification standard.

Natural Herbal extracts, ECOCERT certified Organic ingredients, and fresh Essential Oils, all are nontoxic and therapeutic. We insist on using finest ingredients from reputed sources to ensure both purity and therapeutic benefit. We’re proud of every single ingredient we use in all our personal care Products to provide cleansing and freshness.

Natural & Organic

Organic cosmetic label indicates that anything about the source of ingredients, and cultivating processes have not been polluted by chemical fertilizers and insecticides. The water comes from no-pollution mineral spring water sources. Organic farming doesn’t cause destruction to the natural habitat and environment, rather it helps to maintain ecological sustainability for purified cultivation. Organic labeling needs to be adopted after strict certification.

The organic ingredients used in Jie Fen personal care products are sourced from reputed suppliers, who supply ECOCERT certified organic ingredients.

Inherently Safe

Our mission is connecting beauty, personal health, and environment’s sustainability.

Our founder has been conscious of how our products and business practices interact with the environment. Sustainability is a company-wide priority that flows through our products.

From ingredients to manufacturing to packaging — we seek to respect the environment and the health and well-being of our consumer; it’s our mission and passion.

Natural Herbal Extracts

Much of what we put on our body is absorbed directly into our skin.

For our slogan “You Are What You Use”, the products we apply to our skin must be truly clean and pure, natural and organic, made from ingredients that are both effective and safe.

We use Organic & Natural ingredients, Herbal extracts, and Essential Oils in Jie Fen personal care products.


Against animal testing should not just be a slogan; it needs to be a genuine practice. At Jie Fen, we’ve never tested our products on animals and we buy ingredients only from companies that do not experiment with animal testing.

Our extremely strict policy against animal testing is unique, and we want our insistence in the cosmetics industry to adopt the same stance.

Dimethicone/Paraben/Chemical Pigment/Heavy Metal-Free

Formulated without paraben, harsh preservatives, synthetic fragrances, artificial colors, phthalates, or potentially harmful sulfates, our products are made with natural botanicals, and are designed to reflect your need for a pure and effective line of personal care products.

Exclusive Anti-Bacterial formula

With an excellent cleansing effect, our exclusive anti-bacterial HDBC formula provides extra benefit to reduce the risk of infection control and skin care concern.

It helps to kill germs, eliminate odors, and control cross contamination.

Environment Friendly

Not only created with organic agriculture and long-term sustainability in mind, we also use environmentally friendly packaging for products to reduce our environmental impact.

All of our packaging is recyclable and we deliberately seek out only containers made from materials that are readily accepted by most curbside recycling programs.