Jie Fen Organic Herbal Extract Intensive Shower Gel “Green Tea”

Rich oxygenic green tea oil included.

It provide the skin the tight and smooth function. Refreshing and without clammy. The fresh and natural green tea fragrance also provide you the classic and peaceful washing emotion.

Organic Cleansing Formula

Certificated nature APG (LAURYL GLUCOSIDE) cleansing formula, extracted from corn and wheat. Removes the build-up of sebum and residue. Keep your skin flexible. The moderate and fine careful foam bring skin to the most tight, gentle and soft of the cleanness enjoy.

European Multi-Herbs Extracts.

Nourish dry, damaged hair with European organic multi-herbs extracts. Our gentle daily shower gel helps strengthen skin, absorb nutrition, and repair damage from the inside out.

Organic Calendula Extract.

Help to improve skin’s elasticity and firmness, effectively balance grease secretion.

Organic Ivy Extract.

Promote the skin metabolism,Purify skin, contract pore, make the skin keep watery health.

Your best collection

Essential oil for shower

Functional shampoo

We not only clean your self and hair but also enhance your value of living.

Classical and elegance

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Purify and Crystal clear
The organic hair and skin care from Taiwan