Jie Fen herbal extract hair mask “Rosa”

The crystal treatment formula

The unique crystal treatment formula is soft and smooth but not sticky. It can go deep into your damaged hair which is caused by dyeing and permanent. It can also repair the hair cuticle. Your hair will be shining easily.

The dual certificated organic herbal oil.

The ECOCERT certificated organic Argan and UK SA certificated organic Hemp seed Oil can repair the damaged and dry hair effectively. They can also nourish the hair deeply and make your hair deliver the nature and shiny luster.

The elegant fine fragrance.

The unique Russia rose aroma is very popular for the beauty ladies. It will not only fresh your body and mind but also totally relax yourself. You will like to enter an aroma feast. After using the hair mask, you will even deliver the charming styling.

Your best collection

Functional shampoo

Essential oil for shower

We not only clean your self and hair but also enhance your value of living.

Classical and elegance

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Purify and Crystal clear
The organic hair and skin care from Taiwan