Jie Fen Coffee Essence Shampoo

Unique amino acids and deep clean formula

The unique amino acids and deep clean formula bring the tiny bubbles and rich foam. The foam can cover oil on the hair and clean the scalp deeply. It can clean the hair smoothly without any remains. Make your hair smooth and elegant.

The nature additive of Arabica coffee bean extract, USDA certificated organic ginger root extract and Ecocert certificated nature hydrolyzed wheat protein.

Repair the dry and damaged hair. Nourish the hair deeply and promote the growth of hair. Special selective Arabica coffee bean extract which can nourish the hair follicle. The organic ginger root extract can nurse the hair root deeply. The hydrolyzed wheat protein can nourish hair and make it smooth and shiny.

Silicone, Paraben preservative and artificial colouring free. Fresh your scalp and avoid the physical burden.

Wash by the nature substance and avoid physical burden to your scalp. The elegant fragrance not only release your pressure the whole day but also make your body and mind comfortable.

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Functional shampoo

Essential oil for shower

We not only clean your self and hair but also enhance your value of living.

Classical and elegance

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Purify and Crystal clear
The organic hair and skin care from Taiwan